Policy on the Use of “A” Sheets – Guidance on the Board’s opinion on the use of “A” sheets by non-licensed individuals.

NCGS 83A-5(5a) Policy / Guideline Statement – The Board offers guidance on the latest changes to NCGS 83A related to the definition of the practice of registered interior design.

NCGS 83A-13 Policy Statement – The Board shall interpret exemptions in NCGS 83A-13 as set forth in this policy.

BIM/IPD – The Board Policy Statement on BIM/IPD projects.

Neighborhood Architectural Review Board – Board of Architecture guidance on sealing documents for ARB.

Consumer Guide – “How to Find, Hire and Work with an Architect – Building Your Dreams.”

Design/Build Opinion – Board of Architecture opinion on design/build arrangements.

Offsite Drafting –  Board of Architecture non-binding interpretive statement on Offsite Drafting.

Prototype Single Family Residences – Guideline on interpretations.

Non-Licensed Practice Policy – Board of Architecture policy on per project civil penalty fee for non-licensed practice

Renewal Notification Policy – Board Of Architecture policy on sending subsequent renewal notices.

Plans For Oneself – Board of Architecture guidance on G.S. 83A-13 (d).

Successor Architect Policy – Guidance on how a new architect (successor architect) can take over a project already begun by another architect.

Acceptance of Architect Inspections as set forth in G.S. 160A-413.5 – Guidance on permission of an architect , without further inspection by the AHJ, to inspect a design or other proposal for a “component” or “element”.