License Info

An individual license is a certificate of registration issued by the Board recognizing the individual named as meeting the requirement for registration under NC General Statute 83A. Individuals and firms that offer OR render architectural services in North Carolina prior to proper licensure will be subject to disciplinary action.

License Types

Individual License by Exam:

Individual licenses are granted by examination provided the individual obtains a NAAB accredited degree in architecture and completes the NCARB IDP with at least three years working under the responsible control of a licensed architect. Please refer to North Carolina General Statute 83A-7 for more information.

License by Reciprocity:

An individual license may be issued to an applicant provided the individual holds a current license in good standing from another state and a Certified Council Record from NCARB (also known as "Blue Cover"). The North Carolina application and rules/laws are on this site. Information on transmitting the council certificate to North Carolina may be obtained from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards at (202) 783-6500.

Forms of Practice

The practice of architecture in North Carolina may be carried on by sole practitioners, professional limited liability companies, registered limited liability partnerships or professional corporations provided all those who practice are duly licensed.

Sole practitioners:

If you wish to practice architecture under a firm name other than your own, see Section .205 of the Board Rules.


All partners must be duly licensed. See Section .216 of the Board Rules for information concerning the annual listing of partnerships.

Firm practice:

All corporations or companies must file an application with this Board and receive a Certification to be filed with the Secretary of State. To be eligible for certification, the corporation must meet all requirements of the Professional Corporation Act. - G.S. 55B. Along with the completed application and application fee of $75.00, this office must receive a copy of the proposed articles of incorporation which must comply with the requirements of G.S. 55B.

Foreign Firms (out of state firm):

Application must be made to this Board to receive a Certification prior to filing with the Secretary of State for a Certificate of Authority. Completed application, fee of $75.00, submission of a copy of firm articles and any amendments is necessary to insure full compliance with the requirements of the Professional Corporation Act - G.S. 55B. These items must be received prior to receiving a certification from the Board. The registration requirements for foreign firms cannot be avoided by practice in North Carolina through an individual licenses.


Individual license renewal:

All individual licenses to practice architecture expire on July 1 of each year unless renewed. The yearly renewal fee is $50.00. A renewal form is sent to each current licensee at least 30 days prior to July 1 of each year. If the Board has not received the annual renewal fee and completed application on or before July 1st, the license shall be deemed automatically revoked. The license may be renewed at any time within one year following July 1st, upon return of the completed application, the renewal fee and late fees.. After one year from the date of revocation, the rules governing reinstatement apply. The complete list of fees and late penalties are listed in Section .108 of the Board Rules.


After one year from the date of revocation, reinstatement may be made by the Board, or in its discretion, the application may be treated as a new application, subject to reexamination. A completed application, fee in the amount of $250.00 and a letter concerning license status from another jurisdiction must be received before application is considered for Board approval.

Firm registration renewal:

All firm registrations to practice architecture expire on December 31 of each year. The yearly renewal fee is $100.00. A renewal form is mailed to the corporation at least 30 days prior to December 31 of each year. The complete list of fees and late penalties are listed in Section .108 of the Board Rules.


Forms are available for download in the forms library.